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The Alex Taylor Appreciation Society

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About Alex Taylor

Alex Taylor (February 28, 1947 - March 12, 1993) was a blues and southern rock singer, and the eldest of five siblings that consisted of singer/songwriters James Taylor, Livingston Taylor and Kate Taylor. All three artists have repeatedly cited Alex as a significant influence in their musical upbringing. His powerful vocals and vibrant live performances also influenced actor Dan Aykroyd for The Blues Brothers. (Aykroyd & Paul Shaffer were known to join Alex Taylor & James Montgomery's band East Coast Funkbusters on stage.)

Alex Taylor recorded two critically acclaimed albums for Capricorn Records in the 1970s. Two more albums followed in 1989 and 1991 from Florida label King Snake Records. A third King Snake album was being recorded at the time of his death.


1. With Friends & Neighbors (Capricorn, 1971) [out-of-print]

  1. "Highway Song" (James Taylor)
  2. "Southern Kids" (Scott Boyer)
  3. "All in Line" (Tommy Talton)
  4. "Night Owl" (James Taylor)
  5. "C Song" (Scott Boyer)
  6. "It's All Over Now" (Bobby Womack/Shirley Womack)
  7. "Baby Ruth" (John D. Wyker)
  8. "Take Out Some Insurance" (Charles Singleton)
  9. "Southbound" (Gregg Allman)

2. Dinnertime (Capricorn, 1972) [MP3s at]

  1. "Change Your Sexy Ways" (Alex Taylor/Chuck Leavell/Jim Nalls)
  2. "Let's Burn Down the Cornfield" (Randy Newman)
  3. "Comin' Back to You" (Scott Boyer)
  4. "Four Days Gone" (Stephen Stills)
  5. "Payday" (Jesse Winchester)
  6. "Who's Been Talking" (Howlin' Wolf)
  7. "Who Will the Next Fool Be?" (Charlie Rich)
  8. "From a Buick Six" (Bob Dylan)

3. Voodoo in Me (King Snake Records, 1989) [out-of-print]

  1. "Voodoo in You" (Jackie Avery)
  2. "He Will Break Your Heart" (Jerry Butler/Calvin Carter/Curtis Mayfield)
  3. "Tequila Quicksand" (Bob Greenlee/William Van Dyke)
  4. "Catch Me When I Fall" (Bob Greenlee)
  5. "Smokin' at the Gas Pump" (Jim Payne/Jim Shepley/Tom Tucker/Bob Greenlee)
  6. "Vanessa" (Alex Taylor)
  7. "Graveyard Dogs" (Jim Payne)
  8. "You Got a Way with Me" (Ace Moreland)
  9. "Time on the Inside" (Alex Taylor)
  10. "North Carolina" (Robben Ford)

4. Dancing with the Devil (King Snake Records, 1991) [out-of-print]

  1. "House of Cards" (Bob Greenlee/Jim Payne)
  2. "Can't Break the Habit" (Jim Shepley/Tom Tucker)
  3. "Let the Big Dog Eat" (Bill Wharton)
  4. "Birds of a Feather" (Bob Greenlee/Jim Payne)
  5. "A Change in Me" (Esa Kaartamo/Christian-Charles de Plicque)
  6. "Dancing with the Devil" (Jim Payne/Alex Taylor/Bob Greenlee/Dru Lombar/Mike Galloway/Osborne)
  7. "No Life at All" (Bob Greenlee/Alex Taylor)
  8. "Practice What You Preach" (Jim Shepley/Tom Tucker)
  9. "Black Sheep" (Bob Greenlee)
  10. "Bait My Hook" (Bob Greenlee/Chambers/MacKenzie)


  1. "Highway Song" (James Taylor) / "C Song" (Scott Boyer) (Capricorn, 1971)
  2. "Night Owl" (James Taylor) (mono/stereo) (Capricorn, 1971)
  3. "Baby Ruth" (John D. Wyker) (mono/stereo) (Capricorn, 1971)
  4. "Baby Ruth" (John D. Wyker) / "All in Line" (Tommy Talton) (Capricorn, 1971)
  5. "Who Will the Next Fool Be?" (Charlie Rich) (mono/stereo) (Capricorn, 1972)
  6. "Lizzie and the Rain Man" (Kenny O'Dell) (Capricorn, 1973)

Plus background vocals on:
1. One Man Dog - James Taylor (1972)
-"One Man Parade"
-"Woh, Don't You Know"
2. Another Passenger - Carly Simon (1976)
-"Dishonest Modesty"
3. Kate Taylor - Kate Taylor (1978)
-"A Fool In Love"
4. Flag - James Taylor (1979)
-"Brother Trucker"
5. It's In There - And It's Got To Come Out - Kate Taylor (1979)
-"Kite Woman"
-"Same Old Song"
6. Volcano - Jimmy Buffett (1979)
7. Come Upstairs - Carly Simon (1980)
8. It's Up To You - Hugh Taylor (1991)
-"Ain't Nothin' But A Party"
9. Emergency - Dr. Hector & The Groove Injectors (1991)
10. Crazy Man - Floyd Miles & Friends (1992)

Compilations (Alex has a song or two from the above albums that also appear on these):
1. First Family of New Rock (1969)
2. Coast to Coast Original Soundtrack (1980)
3. Let the Big Dog Eat: Wild Dog Blues Sampler Volume 1 (1993) [MP3s at]
4. Clouds In My Coffee - Carly Simon (1995)
5. Bag o' Blues: The King Snake Collection (1996)
6. Hurricane! Florida Blues Guitars (1999)
7. Anthology - Carly Simon (2002)
8. Reflections: Carly Simon's Greatest Hits (2004)
9. Carly Simon Collector's Edition (2009)

-Wikipedia entry entry

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Videos of Alex Taylor

Started by Corey. Last reply by Corey Oct 23, 2012. 6 Replies

The "Third For Music" Mystery

Started by Corey. Last reply by Corey Oct 23, 2012. 1 Reply

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Comment by Kelly Ames Smith on April 17, 2013 at 3:50pm

I hope that  more of Alex Taylor's songs get posted on Youtube!  I would love to repurchase them if they ever come onto the market again.  I love his voice.  So rich.

Comment by Kelly Ames Smith on April 17, 2013 at 3:47pm

Back in here because i have been revisiting these songs now that many are on Youtube.   I gave my LP away to a special friend and had not heard them in some time.  I recently read the Gregg Allman autobiography and he mentions Alex in there and I wanted to hear Southbound again.... and the B3 by Chuck Leavall... so great.  SO GREAT.  You know what? I would love to hear Kate record that song some day. xxx

Comment by Corey on March 28, 2013 at 2:24am

Added Singles, although probably not complete. Just based on an ebay search. There's one song released as a single that has never appeared on an album, "Lizzie and the Rain Man". Anyone know anything about this? There's a copy on ebay now. Might have to get that.

Comment by Corey on March 28, 2013 at 1:42am

Awesome, thanks Liz!

Comment by Liz Witham - filmmaker on March 28, 2013 at 1:41am
Thanks for the heads up Corey - I just approved him as a new member.
Comment by Corey on March 27, 2013 at 7:55pm

Immense thanks to Duane Straub for providing songwriter credits for Voodoo in Me!

I think he's trying to join the DocuTunes community and this group in particular. Anyone available to get his account approved?

Comment by Corey on October 23, 2012 at 3:45am

I also added track listings for his 4 albums above along with writer credits. Corrections/additions welcome.

Anybody have any writer credits for Voodoo in Me?

Comment by Corey on October 23, 2012 at 2:09am

Just added to both threads in the discussion forum above: a video and a link to more info on the "Third for Music" Mystery.

Comment by Corey on October 23, 2012 at 2:02am

Just popping in. I'm so glad to see this is still here.

Comment by Kelly Ames Smith on June 19, 2010 at 8:26am
Nice that James Taylor mentioned Alex during his Troubadour Reunion show with Carole King and Danny Kortchmar, Leland Sklar, Russ Kunkel and his wonderful singers-Arnold McCuller, Kate Markowitz and Andera Zorn--not sure if the last three would have been friends with Alex, but surely they crossed paths-- but there they were and when James mentioned Alex as he introduced Sweet Baby James- there was quite a roar from the crowd at the mention of Alex Taylor in the Garden, that night -- happy to see, as well,
(upon cracking open the show CD) that James also credits Alex in his letter on the liner notes. -- and so great to hear that his legacy lives on through his granddaughtersand all of his wonderful famiily.-- and here!

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Discussion Forum

Videos of Alex Taylor

Started by Corey. Last reply by Corey Oct 23, 2012. 6 Replies

The "Third For Music" Mystery

Started by Corey. Last reply by Corey Oct 23, 2012. 1 Reply

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